Wedding in Corfu: Plan your wedding step by step!

Wedding in Corfu: Plan your wedding step by step!

Wedding in Corfu: Plan your wedding step by step!

Everything starts with a proposal… the most beautiful proposal that you’ll ever hear in your lifetime! And at the very next moment, you’re already starting to think of all the big and small details of your wedding day! But all those things that have to be carefully planned and scheduled, should not feel like a problem or fill you up with stress. Because planning ahead at the right time, is the key for a successful and perfectly organized wedding!

Here is a complete guide for organizing a wedding in Corfu with everything you need to consider from day one until the most important and happy moment of your life! So let’s walk together through a monthly plan checklist, for a stress free wedding day!

The Church
The choice of the church for your wedding has to be one of the first priorities that you should set, since the dates, especially during the summer period, run out very quickly. Of course, a wedding that takes place on a Greek island involves a fairytale setting, from small churches by the sea to tiny chapels in the countryside. Corfu offers you a big variety of beautiful church locations, as well as unlimited picturesque locations all over the island.

Wedding Venue
Something that should be planned early on too, is the location of your wedding party. This is the place where the most important event of your life will be celebrated, which means that it should be a venue or an estate that will make you feel comfortable and happy. The options are many, and always of course depending on the number of your guests, you can choose from beautiful estates and luxurious villas, to idyllic places on the sea. Among other places, we recommend Starz Hall, which has both outdoor and indoor space in the area of ​​Pelekas, as well as the luxurious Villa Athos. If you still want your wedding reception to take place at a natural environment, we recommend the Valsami Estate as well as the Villa Privilege.

Wedding Photography
Right after booking the church and the wedding venue, it is time to pick the person that will follow every step during your wedding time and that means the photographer. You should take care to choose the right wedding photographer, that is the one that will take the pictures exactly as you have imagined them! Katehis Video Art, Stamatis Katapodis Photography and Thanasis Rapsomanikis, each of them with their own character in their photo clicks, promise to capture every detail of your wedding and immortalize these unique moments.

Wedding dress
It’s time to look for the dress that every woman dreams of wearing, the one and only wedding dress that will make you shine. Whether it is a princess style, a mini, or a long-tailed, the variety of choices is great, and it’s been enriched every year. The atelier of Marianna Kastrinos as well as the bridal shop Fantastic,
offer you unique creations of wedding dresses, and surely you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you.

Your Wedding Planner
If organizing a wedding seems like a difficult task then the wedding planner comes in with her experience to save the day, since you automatically have much less to take care of.

Trust Annie’s Events, which also specializes in flower arranging, as well as professionals such as Little Treasures to take care of your wedding. Share and seek ideas together because surely two minds work better than one! A wedding planner will make sure that nothing on the wedding “list” will be forgotten, from the invitations that you have to send to everyone, to even the smallest detail on the wedding reception.

Live Music – DJ
The next step in organizing your wedding is definitely the music. Choose a DJ or a music band according to your tastes and pay special attention since the “musical score” is a key element on how successful your wedding party will be. DJ Karipidis and DJ Kremonas take care of the entertainment of you and your guests and create for you the ideal music for a frantic party! If you still want your reception to be accompanied by live music then the Rebellions Wedding Band & DJ is an ideal choice. It’s always granted that an experienced band will take off your wedding party!

Makeup – Hair
You have chosen the dress of your dreams, but your look has to be completed properly with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup that highlights your appearance even more! So, choose professional make-up artists and hairdressers who will take off your look on this special day. The beauty centers Allure and Mariliza’s Wonderlab, as well as the make-up artist Nassos Grammenos are excellent choices in Corfu to take on the bride’s makeup and they promise a spectacular result.

When it comes to bridal hair care, we suggest that you trust the Contesssa hair salon for the most special hairstyle of your life!

It’s Groom’s Turn
When the big time comes, the bride and the groom are the heroes of the day, which means that in addition to the glamorous presence of the bride, the groom should take care to be just as elegant. The Ricordi store, with plenty of years of experience, can help you with the choice of the wedding suit, offering you a big variety of unique brands and designs.

As the months go by it would be wise to start searching for the perfect wedding rings. This is the common jewel that you will have as a couple, which also symbolizes your future bond. So take the time to choose something beautiful and at the same time elegant from the Triantafyllos store, where you can look for wedding rings for all preferences, as well as Home Items from the world-famous Scandinavian brand “Georg Jensen”, for beautifully designed and expertly crafted objects to suit your taste.

Flower Decorations
The right decoration will create a dreamy setting on your wedding day. Pay attention to detail, by choosing a setting that will suit both the church and the wedding venue, and that it also expresses your character of course!

Anthokipos creates for you unique flower arrangements on the island of Corfu giving life and color to your wedding, while Little Treasures undertakes with great success to decorate everything just as you have dreamed. Also, Fantastic Corfu having a huge experience on the field of decoration and flower arrangement, can make your dreams come true on your special day in a unique way.

High quality, special flavours and an impressive wedding cake are the elements that you should not neglect in any case at your reception. If the place you have chosen for the wedding party does not include food, look for catering professionals in the field of gastronomy, such as the Starz Catering. With its great experience and its fine ingredients will surely offer to your guests a unique gastronomic trip!

Another idea that could differentiate your wedding reception and take off your party is a mobile cocktail van bar. The fully equipped and uniquely designed Lazaris Cocktail Van Bar offers you and your guests a special experience. Expert mixologists create for you homemade cocktails and drinks, which are all made based on your own taste desires.

Wedding cake
An integral element of the beauty of your wedding is the wedding cake. Discover modern, simple or multi-tiered cakes with elaborate designs and colours and amazing flavours, always based on your wedding’s concept at Eva’s Fairytale Cakes which offers you unique and special designs.

A souvenir that tastes Corfu!
How would you feel if your guests, having initially enjoyed a wonderful dinner and an excellent cake, received a souvenir gift with the aromas and flavors of the Corfu? A simple but so special and at the same time delicious gift that will remind them of that wedding night.

Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets creates for you and your guests original souvenirs that contain local products and delicacies of your choice. If nothing else, they will impress your guests even more…

Since your wedding is getting closer day by day, it’s time to check if your reception space is fully covered in lighting and general decoration. So if you desire for a spectacular wedding evening, you should contact Soundcheck and ask for their fresh suggestions and ideas that will give that extra bit of enchantment to your reception.

Also, If you want to add a touch of “Arabian nights” to this unique moment of your life, why not try offering hookahs to your guests? With flavours of your choice and quality hookahs, the expert staff at Go Hookah Boutique Corfu can lift-off your event, offering your guests a unique and exciting experience!

Now that all the big and small details for your wedding have been arranged, this final month that is left, belongs totally to you!

Lay back, check your wedding list one last time, make sure that nothing is left out or forgotten… and just relax!

It’s time to get some rest and to prepare your body and spirit for the big day!

A unique day full of brilliance, magic and dream is on the way! But there’s no reason to feel anxious! Wear your most beautiful smile and enjoy with your partner every moment of your wedding! Because from the next morning, your new life begins…!

Starz Hall

An enormous yet elegant indoor and outdoor space that can accommodate your guests in every weather condition.

Villa Athos

In a plane venue around the pool of the Athos Villa, you have all the privacy that you need for the unique event of your life.

Valsami Estate

A peaceful green space with special architecture, gives colour and theme to your wedding.

Villa Privilege Classic & Exclusive

The blue colour of the pool and the green of the space, make up the ideal place for a perfect reception.

Katehis Video Art

Keeping the events of your unique day alive in time through the lens.

Stamatis Katapodis Photography

Each wedding is a new story, a new tale to be told, since each photo remains constant in time.

Thanasis Rapsomanikis

The primary goal is to capture the emotions of the moment through unique images, as well as the magic of the atmosphere of your most special day.

Marianna Kastrinos Couture

Atelier A collection inspired by the passion for uniqueness, timeless femininity and the excellence of haute couture.


Since 1960 organizing your wedding, and the christening of your child.

Αnthokipos - Annie's Events

Helping you to make your dream wedding a reality.

Little Treasures

With 20 years of experience in organizing weddings, he realizes your every wish from A to Z.

George Karipidis Dj-Sound

With vast experience in wedding parties, you’ll have an unforgettable musical evening.

DJ Aris Kremonas

A DJ for weddings and events, that will make your wedding special.

The Rebellions Wedding Band & DJ

A wedding band with a full range repertoire, from traditional music to contemporary songs.

Allure Body face nails

Unique make-up to highlight the bride's beauty even more.

Mariliza's Wonderlab

What every woman wants on her wedding day, is her unique features to be highlighted, making her feel like her most wonderful self.

Nasos Grammenos makeup art LAB

Making sure that the bride's makeup remains unchanged and captured on the lens perfectly until the last shot in the morning hours!

Contessa Hair Specialist

A completed bridal look in the best way with a unique hairstyle.


Stylish men suits for every taste, through a large collection of designers’ creations and accessories.


Wonderful flower arrangements for both your church and your reception venue.

Starz Catering ''A Unique Experience''

Menu proposals, that offer a special culinary experience for your most special day.

Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets

From original bartending services, up to special souvenir gifts for your guests.

Eva's Fairytale Cakes

Making handmade fairy-tale cakes, for every special moment of your life.


Sound and lighting equipment to lift-off your wedding venue!

Go Hookah

Quality hookahs for a different touch to your wedding

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